Monday, October 5, 2015

Art Recently, Oct 15

I still have SO many photos to go through and scan, but that doesn't stop me from also working on many other things at the same time! Never! My brain pretty much never stops when it comes to coming up with new things to try out. Part of it is just due to me being me, but I also have some things I've been working on that I hope to make happen this month (well sooner, hopefully), so we shall see. Here's some of the arty things I've been working on in the last couple of weeks...

I found these napkins at the store (I'm always scouting for awesome bat related things in the Halloween aisles!) At first I glanced at them and passed them over as they were just a Dia de Los Muertos skull with the decorations printed with black on a white napkin. Then I realized I could paint them and scooped a stack up and have been painting away for the last week. I really love how they turned out and how painting them differently brings out different shapes & patterns. Pretty awesome. I still have some more napkins and different color combinations I'd like to try out. Each painted skull  area is about 14 x 10 inches.

Most of this eye was painted as part of the batch I took to Burning Man. I didn't really like it though, which is why it was left behind. Then I decided to paint it with a slit pupil, which I think fits it much better and is nice and creepyish as well! I would like to make more of these.

Why do I need another book to work in? Who knows! But I'm doing it! This is actually the large Dylusions Creative Journal. I have a weird thing about some of my art books and have aversions to trying random things in a given book (i.e. a collage book is for collages ONLY. I've deviated from it and I don't really like it.), so I picked this journal (w/ 50% off coupon at Michael's) with the express purpose of really just EXPERIMENTING in it. I literally just scribbled on the first page and then turned it into something. On this right page, I ripped up a few different types of paper, dropped them on the page and then spattered alcohol inks on them. The papers are actually glued on another page I didn't photograph, the random dots that ended up on the book page itself were doodle fodder (right) and then I discovered my previous issues with alcohol inks were due to the papers I was using, and so I played around with them on a full sheet of vellum (left). Whew. So I think the book is serving it's purpose.

So once I discovered how much of a difference using non-porous paper made for alcohol ink fun (I've had some of the bottles sitting around for I don't know how many years), I pulled out a little notebook of "water resistant paper" that I got at Daiso (Japanese $1.50 store.) I have no idea what it's made of, but it's a little plasticy and it allows the alcohol inks to flow nicely without soaking it. My next experiment is to finally jump onto Yupo with these.

 And finally, some paperclay bits including some eyes, bird heads and mammal heads. This is actually my first time using the DAS air dry paperclay as I usually use the Creative Paperclay (Blick was out of the Creative one day and an employee suggested this one.) It was weird because it it definitely had an intense, almost almond like smell, but I'm hoping that dissipates as it dries. I just made these last night and it's been rather humid/raining here the last day, so they aren't quite ready for sanding/painting yet. I think I like the experience of working with the Creative Paperclay more so far, but I'll wait to make a decision once I've actually finished some projects. (Photographed on top of my "Wreck This Journal", which I've also been working on a little, but going into that is it's own set of posts/video or something... it's maybe half completed.)

I know I've been working on tons of other things as well.. jewelry I didn't photograph, decorating my apartment for Halloween, finally framing and hanging some photos, cooking. Sounds about right!

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  1. I love how those alcohol dyes look! I found some projects on Pinterest that involve Sharpies and rubbing alcohol to create a similar effect: