Sunday, June 28, 2015

Soul Mirrors!!

About a month ago I had a brain explosion (a good thing!) that lead to altering what I previously did with this drawing... the result has been a series of painted eyes on boards with various types of mirrors in place of the pupils...With the idea of the eyes being the windows to one's soul (or whatever way you would like to represent the concept of the eyes giving one more insight into a person & their emotions and creating connection) combined with a mirror (sometimes flat and sometimes giving a more distorted reflection), the result is turning this idea into a more self reflective activity. The colorful eyes draw one in and then act as a prompt combined with the mirror that urges one to carry out this connection and activity with themselves as well.

SO MUCH LOVE and ENJOYMENT in creating these!! Plus, they just look cool.

Smallest is 8x8 and largest is 12 x 12 inches. All acrylic on wood. The bottom 2 also include glow in the dark accents.

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