Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pasadena Chalk Festival 2015, Instant

One thing I've enjoyed going to over the years is the Pasadena Chalk Festival. It takes place on open concrete areas in the Paseo Colorado, an outdoor mall in the Old Town area of Pasadena, not too far from the City Hall. Although I have visited the festival while it's actually taking place when it coincided with the Make Music Pasadena festival, I have to say I enjoy visting on Monday after the festival better when it comes to being able to appreciate the art. Every year there's certain themes that reappear or a variety of pop culture or current event references (this year there was a Beyonce and Jenner before/after as well as some mentions of South Carolina.)

This week I actually went to work early and stayed in Pasadena a bit late just to look at the chalk drawings. Finding them all is a little like a scavenger hunt as some are downstairs in different courtyards and other are across the street in front of the Civic Center while others are hiding upstairs in little hallways (awesome for sitting in the sun all day drawing, awesome for not getting stepped on/ruined as quickly, crappy for number of visitors.) Anyway, I took along my instax mini among other cameras and shot a few photos.

I'm such a sucker for birds, especially when they are Amazon type parrots & they have crazy rainbow eyes!

(oh man! I've been working on some awesome paintings of eyes that I am excited to finish up & share!)

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