Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holga colored!!!!

In my last photo post I mentioned my frustrations with getting my film developed. Well, this week that was resolved! It felt a little ridiculous - the process for getting all color rolls developed included 3 people: my boyfriend picking up an envelope & dropping it off the next morning and then me going during a late lunch during the workday to pick up the developed film from the shop with a friend, but in the end film was developed and negatives obtained, thanks to Rocket Photo Lab & the help of a couple people! I do wish the photo shop was open just a couple hours on the weekend to help make it easier for people like me that live nearby, but work all week, to use their services. I ended up with 14 rolls - both 35mm and medium format - processed, some going back a few years, all developed within a couple hours for a little over $50. 3 rolls were mostly blank (only 1 from the Holga, which I was sad about because they were from my work Holiday Party, but I think I used an old roll of film for that) & the ones that turned out were from Holga 35mm, the first roll (& only color) roll I shot with my Diana+ 120 about 2 years ago and a few rolls from my Yashica Mat, including a bunch from our trip to New Mexico in 2012! Joy! There's also a couple mystery ones that I have to scan to look at more closely as I only have a vague guess about what they are from. I'm currently in the process of scanning the film, so I have many photos to post!

These first few are from a roll that I had in my Holga 35mm right before and through Christmas last week. These specifically were shot while I was biking around my neighborhood a couple weekends ago. I'm really liking the color in the Holga 35mm!

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