Saturday, January 25, 2014

Palos Verdes, part 1 - Holga

The low tides in Southern California are currently at some of the lowest levels they reach for the year. This means it's an awesome and unique time to visit tide pools since you have more area to explore and different creatures and life is visible. A couple weeks ago we took a trip down to Palos Verdes Abalone Cove Nature Preserve. After a short, but somewhat intense hike down to the beach, we arrived at the rocky shore and explored the life. I wish we could have gone during the week, as I expect there would have been fewer people, but it was still fun. I was a little disappointed by the kids that were collecting star fish in a bucket and the people that kept poking and stabbing animals. Boo.

(no we didn't fly there, but I happened to take a photo of Palos Verdes while in the plane recently. The spot we visited is that distinct "C" shape along the shore line under the tip of the wing)

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