Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Glowing - Expired Film Day 2017

I've had an Instax Wide camera for about a year and a half. Although I often wanted to take it places, I admit the gigantic size combined with the bulky film ended up deterring me and in that time, I took it out once and shot 3 photos. Yesterday I decided it was a good day to take it out, so I did and I fell in love. The colors worked perfectly with the light and sky and things were glowing and crazy.

Because I ignored this camera for so long, I already had expired film (despite never finishing a single pack before yesterday!), so I used that as an excuse to shoot with it today for Expired Film Day! Although the film wasn't that expired and so it didn't do anything too crazy, I still love some of the photos I shot, so I consider it to be a success. It got me to use something I had been holding onto for who knows what special occasion. That occasion is Now! Today!

I think this might be my favorite from today. These trees kill me with the blue sky. The colors are really this vibrant and the contrast this nice. I didn't manipulate this post scan.

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