Wednesday, November 9, 2016

LA Decom 2016 - Instants

Due to a variety of factors we haven't had a decom(pression) event post Burning Man for a few years.... this year though, it happened! Joy of joys!! Of course I pulled my normal trick of missing the application deadline by a day (last year I got it in on time & was accepted, but the permits didn't come so the event was cancelled a couple days before :/ ), so I didn't show anything, but I did make it out there. One of the things I've grown to appreciate about decom is that I feel comfortable taking different cameras along... This time, among others, my Instax Neo Classic went out with me....

love this one! I forget the name of the woman that brought this, but it was a large hanging piece of fabric that was woven by people at various events! There were balls of various yarns and ribbon stuff that you could then use to add to the project! This is a double exposure of one of the women that was working on it!

I haven't figured out the name of this piece, but it was at Burning Man this year!!!!

Serving people at the Tea Party!

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