Friday, October 28, 2016

Harry Potter - Universal Studios Instax

I went to Universal Studio Hollywood earlier this week.... considering I've gone before, really the most interesting part was the new Harry Potter stuff. It's weird because I live in the area around Universal and bike/walk a lot in the area and so I see all these things appear up on this giant hill near me (new Universal attractions), but the Harry Potter stuff is definitely placed in such a way that it's right at the center of your view from a variety of streets in the surrounding area (including from the Warner Brother's Studios in nearby Burbank...) Some days it does look rather surreal when there's fog or clouds....Although the buildings were cool to look at, my friend and I lamented that it feels like a fun place to explore with very limited options for exploring. Ho hum.

All of these were shot with the Instax Neo-Classic instant film camera.

the fake snow weirded me out so much. It freezes sometimes in the area, butttt I can't say I've ever seen something like this. So it's weird to be walking around in 80 degree temps in October seeing this....

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