Sunday, August 23, 2015

End of August update

So it's the end of August and that means being super busy! A few weeks ago we had an awesome CicLAvia that I keep meaning to post photos for... Then I lost a sweet little rattie friend and found out I got space in Center Camp at Burning Man for some of my art... all in the same day! The last 2 weeks have been busy as resultingly expected.

Ever since I first visited Center Camp at Burning Man in 2013, I knew I wanted to show some of my art there. I love the huge art in the open playa, but as of now, I know my own skillset is generally more 2-d and small scale, which is exactly what there's space for in Center Camp! So this year I put in 2 applications, 1 for the black and white Holga photos I've shot for the past 2 years and 1 for the eye paintings, Soul Mirrors, that I was inspired to do from the Burning Man theme this year, the Carnival of Mirrors. This has been super exciting partially because I did something I told myself I would do. Partially because it's a chance to show my art publicly, which I haven't really done before. Partially because it's a chance to push myself (it was pretty scary to drop $22 on a single 20x20 print and just hope it turned out ok considering I've never had such a large print made of any of my photos and I was just hoping the scan quality was sufficient....) Partially because it involves unusual planning since you need to be prepared and have all the parts needed to hang and secure the art in the middle of the desert.

I've been playing around with the pieces I have to figure out the layouts. The spaces are 48x48inches, which is rather large and I found the only place I had free in my small apartment to play with that amount space was on my bed.....

 I think this is approximately what I'm going to do with the eyes, with the rainbow-ish one on the right on top. The mirrors aren't attached yet...

At times I think I like this layout the best, but then I look at the others and sometimes I start doubting it.  I ordered a bunch of prints with some in multiple sizes just to have a chance to play around with the images....

So much left to do and less than a week left before leaving!

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