Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bus Walk

The first photo above was shot while I was approximately in this area looking East. As I approached, I noticed a crow hanging out on this railing. As I got even closer, he swooped away and I focused on taking other photos. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed another bird on the railing but this time it was a  hawk. Before I could take any photos, the hawk dove down towards the river, then did a U turn and started flying after a crow who was in those trees along the river. In this photo you can see the crow slightly below the car in the no-parking allowed curb area and the hawk just slightly above the green sign above the car. It makes me wonder what part of the bird drama story I missed!

I can't figure out what exactly happened with this stuff. It appeared on the sidewalk here and another location a couple weeks ago when the planty areas nearby were being cleared out. At one point one pile included a large number of bike parts and this one included a few tables, giant framed art as well as all sorts of other random stuff. The other pile gradually was organized, although I never saw anyone nearby. This pile just started shrinking and I saw people stopping to look at it often. Then in the last couple of days I've finally seen people sleeping next to the things. Mysteries of the semi-urban environment when you bike/walk in it every day!

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