Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Night on Broadway - Million Dollar & street things

More photos from the Night on Broadway event this past weekend. The first couple are from a magic show with David Kovac & Sebastian Kraine in the Million Dollar Theatre & the rest are bits of life on Broadway during the event. In retrospect, despite all the pictures I shot, of course, I wish I had shot more. That's pretty much how I always feel. I think that feeling has sunk in especially since I scanned some more from my Yashica Mat (should have taken that to this event!) & after realizing how some of these theaters really aren't ever open to the public anymore & that a tripod would have been extremely useful. Boo.

The Million Dollar Theatre was the first one we visited, which made it kinda overwhelming by itself. We headed to the upper level to watch the magic show where the walkways were a little weird with minimal railing and the chairs were very... unmodern in their layout. When sitting in my seat, I could barely fit my feet on the floor because my toes were hitting the chair in front of me. We didn't visit the bottom seating section, so I'm not sure if those were more generously spaced or not. I also visited the bathroom on the upper level at one point. The bathroom consisted of an outer sitting room, which was much larger than the area filled with 4 toilet stalls and 2 sinks, which was barely big enough to move around in and required airplane-like shuffling (I've definitely been in single-stall full bathrooms that were much larger than the stall area as well.) I would have shot some photos, but with so many people, it just would have been incredibly weird. In general though, I realized how so many aspects of these theaters probably make them difficult/costly to get up to modern building codes/ADA regulations, etc. especially since basic work sometimes requires those other standards to be met, which is partially what makes these sorts of places so novel now. In one of the theaters I even noticed that the exit signs were artistically tiled and integrated into the decor of the building and wondered if that would have to be replaced/covered up by a "modern" exit sign meeting x, y & z criteria.

Something else I found to be a little funny was that you could tell some aspects of the magic shows weren't made for people to be watching them from as high up as we were. From our seats I occasionally caught little bits of the behind the scenes "magic" that made the tricks work - mostly additional people moving around in the "background". Oops. :O

more photos from night on broadway 2015 - 1
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