Sunday, November 9, 2014

green brain swirl

Earlier this year I discovered one of my coworkers in my department is into painting and drawing as well. This has been both awesome and horrible. Awesome because I have someone to talk with things about and show things and bounce ideas off of. Awesome because he's always up for going out art supply shopping (one of the few things I actually enjoy shopping for) and we both always have our eyes open for sales... this is especially nice since we no longer work a semi-reasonable-walking-during-lunch distance to Dick Blick. Horrible because, well... I have a built in enabler and someone else reviewing art supplies and giving me suggestions. I really don't need any more encouragement to buy art supplies, pretty much ever. But that is ok - obviously in my very comprehensive list, the good outweigh the bad.

Anyway, this week we were talking about cleaning up and how that can be motivating to work on things since you come across supplies or inspiration and many things are more interesting to do than cleaning, so that's kinda what I did yesterday. And eventually I was staring at my copics thinking about how pretty the colors were and how I wanted to draw with them. I've been in this point of paralysis with drawing for a while because I just couldn't figure out what to draw. I was putting too much pressure on myself to know beforehand and so instead I just started drawing last night, put on some of my new (old, used) GusGus albums and ended up with this.....

My brain likes to go towards the organic, flowing, smooth shapes, green..... always the same, but different each time....I think I used about 20 different colors for this, all copics on marker paper.

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