Friday, September 6, 2013

Burning Man 2013 - Center Camp Holga Style

The city at Burning Man is laid out on a clock-like manner with "hour" streets radiating from the center point, where the Man resides. Last time I went to Burning Man, I camped around 9 o'clock, which meant I didn't spend much time at Center Camp, at 6. Since we were at 5:45 this year, I managed to wander to Center Camp much more frequently, experiencing the busy life of the afternoon hours and the quiet calmness of the early morning. Center Camp is one of the few places where something can be purchased in Black Rock City - in this case, coffee, which attracts a crowd itself. There's also a stage where people play music and read poems or perform spoken word (I listened to The Urban Shaman play the didgeridoo in the early morning hours while sketching in a random book laying on a nearby table with a box of pastels. Fun!), displays of smaller art projects like paintings, collage and sculptures (I hope to get something up here next year maybeeeeeee) as well as all sorts of seating and open places where people dance, spin things and generally hang out and entertain. I enjoyed watching the afternoon crowd where I preferred to be part of the evening crowd. This photoset is from one of those busy afternoons.

Acroyoga, which seems to be a popular activity in Center Camp

afternoon entertainment...

This woman was sitting in the Center Camp and asked that you select a pottery pedant that spoke to you. She would then tie it onto a necklace and place it around your neck. She's tying the necklace I selected in this photo.

Although I didn't set out to collect necklaces this year, I ended up with quite a few. Now that I'm home, I'm kinda happy I have so many though. I've found myself wanting to wear them, to keep a little reminder of Burning Man with me, even if it's more hidden away under my shirt. The  three pictured include one made from the equivalent of about 1 1/2 recycled aluminum cans, cut, stamped and drilled on the playa, hosted by the Recycling Camp, the pottery pendant from the woman above and the lamplighter pendant I received after helping out with the lamp lighting one night.


  1. Those necklaces are beautiful. And such a neat memory. I have such a cool cousin!

  2. I think this activity is too hard and those necklaces are looking beautiful. Specially thanks for acroyoga . i want to learn acroyoga.
    Burning Man