Saturday, April 6, 2013

Diana Downtown and around

Although the previous owner of my Diana+ said they had only shot 1 roll of film with it, I was eager to get shooting as soon as I had my hands on it's little plastic body. The very first roll I shot was a color roll given to me by the previous owner (I haven't figured out where to get those developed yet), but the very next one was black and white. After getting out of work early one day,  I stopped in downtown Los Angeles to wander around and shoot. At this point I had already realized what an awesome, every day travel companion this camera would become, perfect for photography during the random bits of free time that sometimes appear.

Los Angeles Grand Central Market

Angels Flight rail

Pueblo de Los Angeles

downtown randomness including a palm, puddle and some of the police station

Los Angeles Union Station
Los Angeles Union Station

Pinhole of not downtown Los Angeles


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