Tuesday, July 17, 2012


green horn, painting - june, 2012

The above painting was created as part of a larger project called Mating Shadows, to be shown at Burning Man "Fertility 2.0" next month. I really enjoyed my little part in this project. I got to do 2 things that I already like - choose a song from a list, build a short playlist around it and then create a 2-d piece of art to convey the mood of the playlist. Another thing I love, playing with shadows, is part of the large project where this painting and many other 2-d pieces will be displayed. Unfortunately, without a ticket I likely won't make it to Burning Man this year, but I am glad something that I made will be there. The art is what really drew me into Burning Man and while I've contributed in other ways in the past, the artistic opportunities at a place like Burning Man are like no others and so I'm really grateful for people that create opportunities for art!

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