Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ciclavia Wilshire - 4/6/2014 Diana my recent productive sprees, I also managed to develop some film that's been sitting around for a while, including this one from Ciclvia earlier this year in April. And because the next Ciclavia is next weekend on Sunday October 5, I figured I should try to maybe sort of catch up on my photos from last time. The next month is so busy with the normal work in addition to Ciclvia, a memorial, music, possible trip to Knotts & a trip to San Francisco to meet up with my sister and, and and..... SO MUCH TO DO.

I have no idea what happened with this roll. I'm pretty sure I shot this with my Diana, but I'm wondering if I switched the counter window from 12 to 16 exposures or something because I had weird double exposures. Regardless, I was able to pull some photos from this roll. Joy! Click for larger versions

I love this one the most! I think it's was a few different exposures at or around LACMA

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