Saturday, October 22, 2016

Burning Man 2016 - Crows!

While exploring before Burning Man even started this year, I came across this group of crows in deep playa! They were fantastic for so many reasons! Crows are actually one of the few animals you'll see on the playa while out at Burning Man, often in small groups, sometimes just chilling out beyond the trash fence, taunting you with their freedom (there are always stowaway animals, both intentional and non-intentional during Burning Man... I've also seen rabbits.. but anyway, crows.) They were huge and so fun and realistic! (later in the week, they all had colorful peanuts placed around them or in their beaks.) In normal life I get excited when I see a murder of crows chilling and doing their thing in a yard, street or lot, so to say the least, I really loved this art piece!!

First 3 photos shot w/ Holga

human comparison!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Holga Week Extras 1

Back at the end of July was Holga Week - a week to celebrate the Holga toy camera (RIP) and shoot! As part of it, some people hosted a contest, which I managed to remember and make time for before running off to Burning Man in August. Well, last week I found out that I was one of the winners! How awesome!?!

 Overall, I must admit I was pretty happy with my Holga Week roll of film. I used a 35mm Holga with some of the closeup/macro holga (plastic) filters. I mostly shot it while walking around during lunch (work from home!) Anyway, I couldn't submit everything to the contest, so here's a few more....

Sunday, October 16, 2016

CicLAvia #19 10/16/2016, Heart of LA

Today was the 6th Anniversary CicLAvia event (first was 10/10/10!!), once again in downtown LA. I don't know what else to say besides it's still awesome, it's still great to see so many people out (although, I feel like after so many events, especially some that have repeated so many times, it would be really nice to have more miles of streets shut down!) Some of the novelty has worn off, but there's something to be said about it feeling.... normal. CicLAvia should feel normal.

As for me, I did the route and hung around for a few hours and then went off for different adventures....

The start of the mystery writing... it was so faint in the street outside MacArthur Park and I couldn't figure out if it was a case of "let's cover up the graffiti with a slightly off color so the original message is less visible, but still visible" or what.... clearly, there was a message about CO2 there.

at this point, I knew this writing was being created for the event....

aannnnnddd here we have the source of the writing! I ended up talking to the guy riding the bike right in front of the fire engine w/ blue shirt & a hat on. There was a water tank on a trailer on the back of his bike and it had a mechism attached that  would squirt out a mist of water in measured ways to write temporary messages as he was biking.

this guy had a box of doughnuts on his back??

There was a large amount of political things going on at this CicLAvia in particular, which wasn't surprising given the closeby election... I like that CicLAvia is a place where people feel comfortable doing things like this!

at the Los Angeles Theater

box office at the Los Angeles theater on Broadway

pretty sure I've shot this photo many times before... I think with my Diana

desserts to pretty to eat (although, if you do go for these, I suspect they are sold as aphrodisiacs.....)

....and this is where I deviate from the CicLAvia path! 

oh Los Angeles... you still have so much to learn and improve despite all these CicLAvias... even on something like this bike  lane on Venice with a huge buffer, there's no sidewalk on the street????