Sunday, August 14, 2016

CicLAvia #18 - Wilshire

Today was yet another installment in CicLAvia - this time a 3.5 mile segment of Wilshire. I was a little unsure about going, but ended up leaving my place a little after 8 to get there a bit before the official event started. For the most part, it was fine, although there was a run from earlier still finishing up. Because I both had a bunch of stuff to do (See: Burning Man) and it was hot, I ended up doing the whole route 2 times, plus a little more before heading out. This was definitely one of my shorter CicLAvia visits at a bit over 2 hours, but I'm glad I could still visit for a bit!!

I tried to not take many pictures, which to other still probably looks like tons of photos. What can I say though, I love CicLAvia! At one point I was talking to a CicLAvia volunteer who asked "How's your day going?" to which I had to reply "I'm at CicLAvia, of course it's great!"

this was when I first passed the rack around 9am... by the last time I passed it at 11ish, it was nearly empty. The downside was that I had more than one near incident with people on these bikes... I suspect some people on them were pretty inexperienced...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Burning Man 2015: Digital bits

Today I spent some time developing more film from Burning Man & looking at some digital photos as motivation! So much to do!

posts of analog cameras like this were posted all around the one side of the trash fence...

360 view in deep playa... love that peacefulness, even with so many people nearby...

While walking by the Grilled Cheese Incident Camp, I was called over by someone at the grill and offered a nice, warm grilled cheese sandwich. How could I resist? As it turned out, I got the honor of having what was the first of many delicious sandwiches served up by this camp in 2015 :)

& a tiny taste of the inside of the Totem of Confessions... this place is by far one of those things that must be experienced to full appreciate the amount of detail and work that goes into something like this.

Waiting for Daft Punk at the trash fence. BELIEVE!!!

what camping with a bunch of fire spinners in conclave looks like sometimes...

Porto Potty Art

random ice cream? Yes please.

such intense winds last year!!!!

from the Temple....

members of Hellfire Society on their way to the man to perform before he burned...

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wednesday Commute

Thing have been super busy for me, and honestly, will continue to be busy for a little while! Wednesday was especially a little crazy including finally getting a Burning Man ticket (and then quickly having everything else fall into place including EA pass and a ride... I also have a spot in center camp again this year for photos!) Posts will be spotty and random, which I wish wasn't the case, but hey, sometimes life gets a little busy!

I shot these photos with my instax Neo Classic while walking to work in various places on Wednesday...

Friday, July 29, 2016

Puya Bee Delight

When I first spotted these stunning succulent type plants with stems filled with groups of teal flowers this past April at Huntington Gardens, I just stopped mid stride & gasped.

I had completely forgotten about these unique flowers until that moment, but at that same moment I suddenly remembered I had seen them before the very first time I visited the gardens 8 years earlier & been immediately amazed by them as well. The brilliant teal color of these Puya flowers is just so UNIQUE in nature (they are native to Chile). I wandered around the giant group of them, looking for the the best way to photograph the flowers, noticing how much the bees loved them in this otherwise very large and plant stuffed garden. Some bees were so eager to get to the pollen that I watched them squeeze into flowers that were just BARELY open to get a bit of that precious food.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Downtown LA, Holga, July 2016

Earlier this month I took trip to downtown LA with my Holga to visit the fashion district.... This set focuses on some of the buildings and streets and people of downtown LA. I love going down to this area... it's always so inspiring for so many reasons with the old buildings, the feeling of actually being in a downtown city, the massive amounts of creative tools at your disposal, the random art bits all over the place. Yes please!