Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 on 10 - January 2012

I managed to get a 10 on 10 in! I had been somewhat frustrated the last few months with the boringness of my pictures. One month, I think I actually spent almost the entire day at work in a meeting, which didn't leave me with much inspiration since I can't take pictures of much of anything at work. Anyway, one thing I've been thinking is that it might be worthwhile for me to try to specifically use different cameras for 10 on 10s vs. always going with my cell phone camera. While convenient, it is limited in some respects and I think using it is contributing partially to the boring feeling as well (although all day meetings aren't conducive to 10 on 10's no matter which camera I use.) I'm not sure if I have a camera for each month or that I'd want to carry some of them with me some days. Maybe I could also do something like use a certain lens or macro filters only. I also am very excited/amused/feeling kinda awesome about the idea of shooting a roll of film for a projects like 10 on 10. Alrighty, so, 10 on 10 this month, shot with my the Samsung Mythic camera, once again.


my sweet rat turns 3 years old this week!! : overcast & rainy days can be fun to walk in since more people stay inside/in cars : the light also quickly changes on these days and I wish I could go outside and shoot photos all day instead : I purchased this color to force myself out of my nail color comfort zone. After 3 days of pink nails, I had to add some more color*. I like that they look bird eggs : sigh, the kind of day I really wish I was out taking pictures : lunch time! : lunch time!! : time warp to evening..... : it was super windy on my walk home. tomorrow there shall be more layers :  stop on the cold walk home

*I really like Zoya nail polish and only use it now. It's was one of the few nail polishes studied that claimed to be free of various chemicals that was actually free of mentioned chemicals! They have lots of awesome colors and it lasts amazingly long on my nails. If you create your account through one of those links above, you'll also get a coupon for another free bottle.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

early January photos

As I walked around today, taking photos with 3 cameras on hand, I realized I might be able to qualify photography as being productive. I was being a little down on myself earlier this week, thinking I wasn't productive enough over the time I've had off work recently, but instead I've just been spending some more time on photos. Last week I spent some time catching up on my cell phone photos. 2012 was the second full calendar year where I took at least one photo a day with my cell phone, but I'm still a bit behind posting the photos on flickr. I've also been playing around with the Diana camera I got for Christmas.  I love how light the camera is and as a result, I carry it with me more often, which means I can use it to capture the moments I sometimes miss with some of my nicer cameras. Hopefully I'll develop some of the film from it in the next few days. In the meantime, here are some photos I took with my DSLR over these first couple of days of 2013.

 although I just randomly came across this crayon on the "grass", I kinda like the idea of doing a whole project of taking crayons outside and trying to take photos of each color on something of the respective color like this...

one of the doves that's been hanging out on my air conditioner : winter light : seasons do exist in Los Angeles! : under deconstruction/construction : LA skyline, deceptive billboards: Reno's Pizza : so many nail places, and that's why I paint my own : seeing triple - previous night's libations : nature lines - green : nature lines - grey : more winter light : exploration of paradise 1 : exploration of paradise 2:  exploration of paradise 3 : green