Sunday, January 31, 2016

Night on Broadway 2016 - Instant

Yesterday night we headed back to downtown LA for the 2016 Night on Broadway Event! Part of the revitilization of Broadway in downtown LA, this event opens up some of the old movie theaters to the public with tons of free entertainment and bits of art inbetween. It seems like the word was out this year as the event seemed way busier than last year. There were a few theaters we wanted to go to, but the lines were so long we decided to forgo them and explore things we could more easily access.

I took along my Fuji Neo-Classic along and shot 10 photos of which 9 came out pretty well. I was really enjoying some of the special Neo-Classic features including no flash, multiple exposures and bulb exposures. All of these effects are done through the camera, not in post-scanning phases! I saw a few others with instax cameras throughout the night (and a few other 35mm cameras!) too, including one of the art pieces that had a series of in-progress photos pinned up next to it! Go film!

art on Broadway....

icarus art

at the Orpheum...

Penny Man art in the Broadway Arcade

double exposure of more art in the arcade

10 second exposure outside the Palace

SciFi Immersion in the Palace Basement

more scifi immersion

art in progress

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