Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata - Fisheyed!

I must admit there's many things I enjoy about Austin,TX including their love for bats and their commitment to embracing the "weird." I was recently in Austin for a very short period of time, so in the one full day I was there, we made the most of it and among many other things, we visited the Museum of Natural & Artifical Ephemerata!! Located in single room in a family home in east Austin, it is one of the last in-home museums in the U.S.! They offer tours most Saturdays and take donations as payment. We were there right after Christmas and on that particular day, it was just our little group of three for an intimate tour of the museum! In a small room, the hosts, Scott & Jen, give a tour of their displays, sharing all sorts of stories about seemingly random or weird pieces, going through a history of collecting both natural and man-made bits and pieces including celebrity trash, fake and real animal bits and souvenirs of all types. When cats are in the mood, they also have a mini cat circus performance! It's a weird, unique  and totally worthwhile experience if you have some time!

Although I shot some photos, don't think you've seen this whole museum by looking at the photos alone, you still have to visit!! The experience is definitely part of the charm and appeal! Rather than going for completeness, these are a few I shot with my Lomography Fisheye camera, which I feel like was rather fitting for the museum!

Scott and Jen Webel, the people behind the Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata


although this isn't the best, I like the surreal result of this multiple exposure....

and post #300!!! Whoa!

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