Monday, February 6, 2012

baby sewing part 2.. and other

A couple of soft stuffed balls for child toys (although, they seem to be equally appealing to non-child humans.) I used this pattern from for the larger ball (I didn't print it out though - I just kinda reproduced the shape in a random size) and this pattern from for the smaller ball. My seams were a little... not so perfect on the small ball and I suddenly realized a great functional reason for those little patches of color on the ends of beach balls. They hide mistakes well.

These balls actually aren't from the last week. This week I've been working on lots of little projects, like these bird heads and some more sewing. I also went to see the "In Wonderland" , exhibit at the LACMA yesterday instead of watching the Super Bowl, which was super awesome and deserving of it's own post. I'm huge fan of surrealist art, and seeing so many pieces from both artists I had heard of like Dorothea Tanning and Frida Kahlo and new to me artists was so energizing and exciting. I can't get it out of my head!

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