Saturday, October 22, 2016

Burning Man 2016 - Crows!

While exploring before Burning Man even started this year, I came across this group of crows in deep playa! They were fantastic for so many reasons! Crows are actually one of the few animals you'll see on the playa while out at Burning Man, often in small groups, sometimes just chilling out beyond the trash fence, taunting you with their freedom (there are always stowaway animals, both intentional and non-intentional during Burning Man... I've also seen rabbits.. but anyway, crows.) They were huge and so fun and realistic! (later in the week, they all had colorful peanuts placed around them or in their beaks.) In normal life I get excited when I see a murder of crows chilling and doing their thing in a yard, street or lot, so to say the least, I really loved this art piece!!

First 3 photos shot w/ Holga

human comparison!

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