Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September Sky

With dark puffy clouds near my work and a blue sky near my home, I suspected the sky would be beautiful tonight when I heard raindrops fall. I was hoping for a rainbow, but I'll take some pretty skies as well as some nice walking alone time.

The funny part was where I told myself it would be a quick walk as I grabbed 3 different cameras and headed out which is a recipe for a short walk approximately never. 2.5 miles later...

So cute!!! Tiny baby lizard! This wasn't even the first I saw (previously I just tried to catch before photographing...) I thought this little guy was very scholarly until I realized he was stuck because the surface of the book cover was super slippery. I gave him a little boost and he was on his way!

on a normal day I call this building the phallus because it's so out of character in my neighborhood, but when there's giant white clouds coming out the top, come on...

this is one of my favorite secret places to go as an apartment dweller in my neighborhood.. tonight it was super worth some of the weirdness to get there!!

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