Sunday, August 14, 2016

CicLAvia #18 - Wilshire

Today was yet another installment in CicLAvia - this time a 3.5 mile segment of Wilshire. I was a little unsure about going, but ended up leaving my place a little after 8 to get there a bit before the official event started. For the most part, it was fine, although there was a run from earlier still finishing up. Because I both had a bunch of stuff to do (See: Burning Man) and it was hot, I ended up doing the whole route 2 times, plus a little more before heading out. This was definitely one of my shorter CicLAvia visits at a bit over 2 hours, but I'm glad I could still visit for a bit!!

I tried to not take many pictures, which to other still probably looks like tons of photos. What can I say though, I love CicLAvia! At one point I was talking to a CicLAvia volunteer who asked "How's your day going?" to which I had to reply "I'm at CicLAvia, of course it's great!"

this was when I first passed the rack around 9am... by the last time I passed it at 11ish, it was nearly empty. The downside was that I had more than one near incident with people on these bikes... I suspect some people on them were pretty inexperienced...

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