Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Burning Man 2015 - Joy of Caring

The Joy of Caring, Burning Man 2015
Shot with Holga 120

At Burning Man there's so many opportunities to expose yourself to new or different experiences and gifting and sharing with others is a huge one. This gives people new chances to engage and also think about how much joy there can be in giving as well as receiving.

I shot this particular photo on an afternoon mid week. A friend from my camp and I headed over to this camp with a little covered area with 2 lines of chairs and plastic bins, like a janky, Burning Man spa in some nice shade. People waited patiently, enjoying the shade and seat (when you have to bring all the things you need, you suddenly realize the value in simple things like this) for people that out of the goodness of their hearts and the spirit of gifting an incredibly thoughtful and needed gift, took time to patiently clean off your wonky Burning Man feet for a few minutes. Spa experience? Seriously, at the moment this feels like the ultimate spa experience when it comes with shade, cleanliness, caring, smiles and love from a random person.

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