Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DogFluff Action

I don't really recall seeing dogs tied up in front of stores where I grew up in Texas. On the other hand, here in Los Angeles people are well known for integrating their dogs into their daily city lives and leaving your dog tied up outside is definitely a "thing" (I know it is other places re: the Portlandia sketch)... Some of these unsupervised dogs are aggressive towards any random people while others are happy to meet any new people and say hi. Some seem distressed to be away from their owners while others seem glad to have a chance to rest and chill alone. Over the years of shooting photos while walking around Los Angeles, I've enjoyed trying to capture these guys in photos in whatever states.

Just this evening while running an errand, I got to visit with a little brown Chihuahua type guy who was super friendly and came running over to me as soon as I said hi, eager for ear scratches and general love. I'm currently in one of the longest periods of my life that I've gone without a pet (3 months already!) and I suppose I treasure these little moments of connecting with random animal friends more than normal.

A couple weeks ago while coming home from the farmers market, I spotted this little fluffy guy tied up to a parking meter....I'm looking forward to shooting these dogs and other city animals with the actionsampler as I think this camera can give a little more life to these guys!

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