Sunday, December 28, 2014

Election Propaganda: B.S. 2014

Collages! I haven't made any collages for a while, but this first was sitting un-glued for a while. And so today I sat down to glue it and the other 2 came together pretty soon afterward. All are made from various election mailers from the 2014 elections. I heard a story on the radio earlier this year that mentioned that mailers are still one of the "best" ways for candidates to spend money. Between the cost of things like tv/newspaper/online, etc. ads and how the resulting audiences include so many non-target viewers, including people that aren't even registered to vote, mailers are still most reliable. With all the information about you available for purchase, including whether or not you're registered comes many mailers. Many, many mailers.....

Babby Shriver

 Bibby S River

Booby Shiver

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