Friday, January 10, 2014

10 on 10 - January 2014

I know I had all sorts of ambitions last year to do 10 on 10s with different cameras. I kinda did it... I think I hit 3 different cameras. I also shot way more 10 on 10s than I ended up posting here. Life happened and the moment passed, I suppose. When looking at this first set for 2014, I was somewhat surprised by the consistent themes and repeating images. Sometimes I get stuck in these repetitious eye ruts where I see the same thing around me over and over all over the place. This then inspired visions of doing entire sets on themes (especially abstraction!), but we shall see how that goes. Anyway, it was a work day with window looking, working and self-transporting. And then I came home for the weekend & got a chance to look at my last roll of film from Burning Man that I developed last night. WHAT EXCITEMENT!

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