Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 on 10, july 2012

 I've been taking pictures of the LA River regularly for a couple of years now, often the same one as above. It's interesting to watch how the scene changes when viewed at the same time of day throughout seasons, how it changes as the light changes in a day and with the weather. Earlier this year I watched a killdeer family raise a nest of babies along the river.

oddly empty planters


I unfortunately didn't have my magnifying glass to take better pictures of this weird insect-type thing stuck to the tree....

that's what it felt like at noon

......still at my desk


more plants! sadly, this plant is no more. It was ripped up either yesterday or today as part of a lot being cleared for more car dealerships. I find there to be something funny/weird with how many car dealerships I often walk past.....

some awesome new street art that appeared on a power-tower thing

awww. little rattie tail.

10 on 10

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  1. I like the light globe street art, very cool.